Google AdWords Management

Looking to take advantage of the benefits of Google AdWords but not sure where to begin?

DeVore Web Solutions can build and manage your Google AdWords campaigns to maximize your return on investment.

The first step in developing a campaign is to meet and discuss your business and its organizational goals.  We’ll review your service/product offerings, goals of the AdWords campaign, your company’s unique selling proposition, target audience, PPC budget, and overall marketing efforts. We then move into the Initial AdWords Setup phase which typically lasts 30-60 days.

Phase I: Initial AdWords Setup - $300 During this phase of your campaign, DeVore Web Solutions will:
  • Discuss your goals and develop campaign strategies
  • Conduct extensive keyword research, refine and select keywords
  • Create your AdWords account with appropriate settings
  • Develop a well-thought out campaign and ad group structure
  • Determine bid amounts to maximize targeted traffic and conversions
  • Write effective ad copy with compelling titles and descriptions
  • Identify landing pages that will convert or make suggestions for ways to improve existing landing pages
  • Configure additional settings, including ad extensions
  • Ensure proper conversion tracking is in place to effectively evaluate and manage your campaign(s).
Monthly AdWords BudgetMonthly Management Fee
Up to $999$250
$10,000 & AboveCall for Quote
Phase II: AdWords PPC Management (see pricing bottom left) To be successful with pay-per-click advertising, it's important to continually analyze the results of your efforts and fine-tune your campaigns and website. DeVore Web Solutions will monitor your spending, test and update keywords including negative keywords, develop and test new ads and landing pages. We can also provide suggestions (or actually make the updates) to improve your landing pages and website to increase leads and sales.
  • Find additional keywords and eliminate under-performing keywords
  • Develop more extensive negative keyword lists
  • Provide on-going monitoring & optimization services
  • Test and optimize ads variations
  • Analyze and test your campaign to ensure that you are bidding the correct amount on the right keywords.
  • Monitor click through rate and update ad copy, keyword list and landing pages to improve quality score
  • Focus on factors affecting quality score, including CTR, ad copy and landing page relevancy which affects ad placement, impressions and cost per click.
  • Analyze your landing pages and contact forms to increase conversions.
  • Track and report - Monthly data reports and quarterly statistical analysis that includes suggested changes for the upcoming quarter.
  • Bid management

DeVore Web Solutions also offers additional “ala carte” offerings, including development and implementation of new landing pages and competitive analysis reports that compare your company’s web presence vs. your competition’s.