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Conducting a Content Audit

In addition to SEO audits, it’s important to also audit the content on your website or blog. This article written by Amanda Desilvestro provides a step-by-step approach to take when doing an annual content audit. Well worth the read … How to Conduct a Content Audit (and Why it Matters for SEO)
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Write Content that Answers Questions

My favorite bit of advice from copywriter Pamela Neely is to structure your website content so it answers questions. Think about that as you’re writing copy for your site or blog and it will change the way you approach your subject. More and more, search engines are providing search results based on the meaning of words rather than just the inclusion of certain keywords in a search query. Wr
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Surf Faster with a Cup of Joe

Coffee cup surrounded by coffee beans
Starbucks partners with Google to receive up to 10 times faster network and Wi-Fi connection speeds at their U.S. company operated locations. This provides Starbuck customers with faster connections. The two companies also plan to work together to develop the next generation of Starbucks’ digital network.
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